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Eagle Scouts

Did you know being an Eagle Scout qualifies you for numerous college scholarships? This year the National Eagle Scout Association will award 150 scholarships to Eagle Scouts through various Eagle Scout scholarship funds. These scholarships vary in size from $1,000 to $50,000.

The scholarships are for tuition, room, board, and books only, and are limited to use at a four-year accredited college or university that offers at least a bachelor’s degree upon completion of the course of studies.

Click here to Visit for a list of available scholarships. Be sure to check out the other links on the same page for religious, civic and institution-specific scholarships that Eagle Scouts are also eligible for.

Troop 231 Eagle Scout Recipients

Bauerbach, Alex David12/18/2017
Heiss, Wyatt Dean12/18/2017
Urban, Colston Manning10/4/2017
Gottfried, Jack Lawrene11/16/2015
Brookover, Matthew11/16/2015
Tomasch, Michael Yevgeny10/1/2015
Harper, Stephan Michael5/28/2015
Temesvary, Gregory Steven5/13/2015
Blauser, Dennis Matthew8/26/2014
Roberts, Andrew John6/5/2014
McDowell, Wesley Ian8/19/2013
Ragan, Benjamin Steven11/6/2012
Duckworth, Spencer Leon9/29/2011
Willey, Tyler Christopher8/25/2011
Roberts, Matthew James6/6/2011
Tebay, Casey12/20/2010
Crum, Christopher Michael12/20/2010
McDowell, Lukas U4/27/2010
Hirschi III, Dean Roman3/15/2010
Weckbacher, Cameron A12/22/2009
Gentry, Christian12/22/2009
Harrison, Lucas Mckay12/17/2009
Finkel, Nicholas G12/17/2009
Tebay Jr., Robert S.2/10/2009
Petrole Matthew R.2/10/2009
Sheridan III, Robert Emmette1/27/2009
McCauley, Eric Samuel12/22/2008
Patterson Jr., Timothy Wayne12/15/2008
Harper, Matthew Benjamin12/15/2008
O’Connor, Tanner M10/12/2008
Stern, Alexander E7/28/2008
Stiers, Justin Edward12/20/2007
Cobb, Kenneth L12/20/2007
Duckworth, Zachary D12/17/2007
Stathers, Tyler Ray8/2/2007
Combs, Dylan Elias8/2/2007
Wesel, Steven Ambrose12/21/2006
Rees, James Dylan12/21/2006
Watkins, Aaron Kent8/7/2006
Triplett, Adam Jacob12/20/2005
Johnson, Mark Anthony12/20/2005
Poldemann, Eric Heikki9/1/2005
Miller, Zachary David5/23/2005
Gentry, Alexander Gregory5/23/2005
Chase, Thomas William2/23/2005
George, Joshua Kalem12/7/2004
Hall, Eric Matthew11/15/2004
Spilatro, Daniel J11/1/2004
Doebrich, Christopher N3/8/2004
Beringer, Joseph D10/23/2003
Warren, Brent R2/24/2003
Chase, Christopher R12/9/2002
Hall, Jonathan N2/27/2002
Spilatro, Michael A4/23/2001
 Doebrich, Kyle E12/22/2000
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